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Jan 11, 2013
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As many, if not most, of you can tell by now I like talking about my pipes, if not face to face but in the written form as well. I love things I am the current caretaker, thought we owned this stuff did you then you better rethink that, and do my best to keep the fit for the next in line. I also love a pipe with provenance or at the very least a backstory such as this next pipe does.

I happened to be on Jan Pietenpauw's website looking at his pipes, that's not his true name it's Jean Christophe du Toit, but suffice it to say he is a gentleman in every sense of the word.

I saw a very unique pipe he was selling and had the funds and it was the kind of pipe for me that has that itch you just have to scratch. The pipe was named Just Once so I did the buy it now option, paid for it and got confirmation it completed, being in a different time zone I didn't expect to hear from Jan but the next morning I did receive an email from him.

In the email he related he was shocked to see the pipe had sold especially for what he priced it at as he never dreamt anyone would inquire about it let alone purchase it I had. He thanked me profusely and said he would get it in the post directly.

About 10 days later I get the pipe in the mail and it was more fetching in hand than the photo's. There was also another neatly wrapped little package with a letter. The letter explained that like myself Jan loved to fish and the little packaged contained his personal fishing pipe made by him but not marked because it was never meant to be sold. He sent me the second pipe as a gift of thanks for buying Just Once because it got that name because he had an itch to scratch.

As you can see Just Once has no bamboo and I'm not smoking it but I am smoking Jan's personal Fishermans pipe and it is a delightful billiard with a bamboo shank, enjoying some PS LTF in it while keeping it smokey.



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May 4, 2011
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What a great story, great pickup, and a great gift brother banjo!