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Aug 16, 2020
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I've searched the posts and cannot locate an answer to this question.
I enjoy several of the Seattle Pipe Club blends and am looking to cellar my favorites. What is a concern for me is the "tin". While the top and bottom of the "tins" are aluminum(?), the sides (body) appear to be some sort of cardboard or paper. Are these "tins" acceptable for cellaring or should I be looking at transferring the contents to jars?
I recently purchased several "tins" of Mississippi River and one came in damaged, with the side separated from the bottom. I transferred the contents into a jar and looking at the construction decided to jar the other "tins".
On another note, is there a way to date Seattle Pipe Club tins? The latest ones do not have any dating on the bottom.
I've got several plum pudding tins with the aluminium coated cardboard that are at least five years old and they've been fine. I did have worries initially.

If you're still worried, pop 'em open and put them in a mason jar as you've done.

My only dating method for them is writing the date I bought it on the tin. It's not the production date, but it gives you an idea at least.
Thank you for the response. Yeah, I have several tins of Plum Pudding put away in the "cellar" and the problem with the Mississippi River got me to thinking about possible issues.
As to dating tins, all my early Seattle Pipe Club tins have a date stamp on the bottom. It's recently that I have noted that the date stamp has disappeared.