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Surprised at how many are Cuban. Can folks even get Cuban cigars in today’s world?
Spain continues to officially be the #1 consumer of Cuban cigars, but it's difficult to know if what the Cuban industry says is factual. Tonnage of Cuban cigars go to Asia. Most of western Europe prefers a milder cigar than most Cubans and with a light color wrapper. The U.K. may be an exception. Cuban cigars are rarely impounded in the U.S., so I've heard.
U.S. still illegal as they were deemed in the prior administration. Undetermined whether the new administration will return to the rules under the Obama years, when you could visit Cuba and bring some cigars home.
Fakes are plentiful. You should only purchase from a trusted vendor.
And now the mad dash for those selected. Luckily I had a few of those before the notoriety.