Differences between you and your spouses book selections

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Dec 22, 2007
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Just wondering if any of the bo s here have the same interests in books as their wife’s, roommates, soulmates significant others or whom ever you occupy the same living quarters with?

I really like Hemingway novels, short stories and his personal letters. My wife does not care for his works except for his personal letters.

I like reading and listening to C.S. Lewis. I’ve read several books except the The chronicles of narnia series. The wife hasn’t read them nor does she intent to at this time.

I really enjoy reading Edgar Allen Poe. I read most of it except some of the early poetry. That’s stuffs even weird for him. She read the raven of course and a couple other stories she had to in high school and college but that’s it.

I am currently trying to work my way threw a series of books named “ The Boy Scouts of the Eagle Patrol”. They books that were more written for young boys to get them interested in the scouts.i would highly recommend them to anyone that even thought about having a interest in scouts. Great easy reads. As you guessed it she has no desire to read about scouts saving someone’s live with a pocket knife, handkerchief and some rope.

I loved the “Divergent” series of books. She like the mocking jay series of books.

Now we do agree wholeheartedly on the Harry Potter series. We both loved them and read them a couple times each.

She used to read John Sanford’s works. I never took a liking to his stuff.

There a series of books about a cat called “ the cat who......” I think it’s a mystery who done it type thing. Again I couldn’t get Interested. It just didn’t hold my attention span.

She likes a series that has something to do with the alphabet, A is for ???, B is for ???? And so on. She just started the Y is for Yarn or yawn or whatever. Book today. Not my cup of tea.

Just wondering how it works for others here with books and spouses?
We can go into other types of books we like or hate too.
The last book I read was a programming \ code book and since my retirement I have perused a few cookbooks. My main reading source is the depressing and idiotic on-line news. The wife on the other hand has an Amazon account for $9 a month and reads voraciously. She is in to the Amish love stories or Norway history since that is her heritage.
I'll read Vince Flynn, Clancy (well up until he got divorced), Konkoly, Le Carre, Silva, James Corey, Mather so spy or sci-fi. I read most sci-fi / fantasy big names when I was a teenager. Wife will read murder mysteries, Janet Evanovich, and such. She is pretty much done with mysteries and getting repetitive for her just like TV cop shows.

Where we both enjoyed was Harry Potter series. Another one was Finding Home series by A. American. That one is basically prepper fiction which I liked for the ingenuity of surviving as well as the story. Wife liked it for the same reason she likes Walking Dead, surviving and how people interact in the face of disaster and survival. As she tells me, "The Walking Dead is not about the zombies!" Of course I watch one show and it was all about the zombies.
She reads 100% romance novels. I hate fiction, so I read science, or technology books.
She rarely reads books but when she does they are fiction. I primarily read non-fiction. Enough said.
Except for mysteries, I mostly read non-fiction. My wife (American Lit/Af-Am Lit MA) really only reads in those two areas. About the only cross-over area would be 20th century art.
My wife asked me a while back if I thought she would like Sherlock Holmes stories. So I dug out a book and handed it to her. She read one story and said she liked it but haven't picked it up since.
You should try her out with a Laurie R. King book…brilliantly written stories about Holmes later in his life, meeting a younger woman he takes on as a sort of side kick/assistant (they eventually marry). I think she might appreciate that perspective more than the masculine outlook of Conan Doyle.
My girlfriend and I have similar tastes in books with mysteries, biographies, and historical fiction among our common tastes. In addition, she likes to read fiction by some women authors that would not appeal to me. I like to read history and she does not.