Father's Day thoughts..

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Slow Puffs

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Dec 10, 2007
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My Dad was born in 1909 and came from family of deep sea fisherman in Nova Scotia. He suffered from sea sickness, so he started an old-fashioned Hardware store in the nearby town. He sold it in the mid 1960's.

He was devoutly religious in the Wesleyan tradition. Church twice on Sundays and mid-week prayer meetings. He was also a Gideon. Being in the "holiness" relgious tradition, he was dead against tobacco and alcohol.

He loved hunting and fishing, teaching my brother and me how to properly handle our guns properly. And also how to catch some ready nice trout.

In the Hardware store, upstairs, he had a repair shop where he would fix people's radio's and small appliances.

He loved Amateur Radio, but never had time for it until he retired. He became a full fledged HAM and his call letters were VE1AYD. He is a "silent key". He died is 1994. But there are still lots of good memories.

He was a man of few words, never said "I love you", but we knew his love was there for us.

Any others have any thoughts about Father's Day?