Finck's Golden Cavendish

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Oct 14, 2008
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Most people on this site have a tendency to review high end, expensive tinned tobaccos. I am sure that there are others such as my self whose budget doesn't allow then to smoke G.L. Pease , SG, etc. except on rare occasions. In that vain I give you Finck's Golden Cavendish.

I just had a death in the family of an avid pipe smoker. I was given nearly two pounds of this stuff plus one very lovely Peterson rusticated bulldog. I have previously smoked a couple of other of Finck's blends. They were pretty good but this one puts the others to shame. Generally I shy away from blends that use the word cavendish in their name. So I never would of tried this if it hadn't been willed to me.

I was really stunned by this blend. It is an all brown colored cavendish with none of the that black stuff included. This is not a complex blend to rival your Pease's and such but I guarantee you will enjoy this one. The smell in the bag is of just good sweet tobacco mostly virginias to my nose. I don't sense any real casing but if you tell that there is I will believe you. The flavor is strait forward , simple , tasty naturally sweet virginias. There is absolutely no bite probably due to the small portion of burleys. If you get really aggressive with your puffing you will get a little bit of tongue tingle but not much. My pipes don't seem to heat up hardly at all with this blend.

As good as this tobacco tastes it smells even better. I don't know how to exactly describe the aroma other than it is absolutely divine. I just love sitting back puffing slowly and French inhaling this stuff through my nose.

It's on the medium side of mild but never boring. I don't sense a lot of nicotine but that's the way I like it.

At $18.95 per pound this stuff is an amazing value. It has immediately become my everyday smoke. I think it will be enjoyed by both the aromatic crowd and a good change of pace for the English lovers among you. If you don't like it , and I don't see how that's possible, sell the rest to me.

At a substantial discount of course.