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GH Louisiana Flake

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Feb 19, 2010
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Received 4.5 oz of 2009 Gawith Hoggarth Louisiana Flake today from someone on another forum.  Smoking a bowl of it now in my Peterson Dracula, and I am absolutely blown away by how good it is!

The aroma is almost pure Virginia, with little to no trace of the chocolate and floral toppings.  At first light, I was greeted by the wonderful taste of aged Virginia tobacco, and surprisingly a well discerned shot of Perique.  For those who smoke this stuff fresh, you will know that the Perique can be hard to discern.  The toppings, while almost non existent in the aroma, can be detected in the taste, but are waaay in the background.  This is most likely the reason why the Perique is now so present.  The sweet, caramel like taste of the VA’s intensify as the smoke progresses, as does the Perique, while the toppings fade to almost nothing.  

To those who are cellaring Louisiana Flake, do so with confidence!  This is an AMAZING smoke, and I am so glad that I now have a nice stock to enjoy.