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Aug 26, 2008
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Just wanted to check in and say hi to my fellow briar brothers! :)
My name is Dennis and I've been smoking a pipe off and on since the mid 70's, but became a serious devotee around 2002. Since then it has become an all-consuming passion. ;)

My collection consists of over 100 pipes, mainly higher-end Italian pieces by Viprati, Radice, Don Carlos, Il Ceppo, Rinaldo, Castello, etc and the American carvers Ruthenberg, Von Erck, Paul Hubartt (Larrysson Pipes - now living in Cornwall UK), Wiley, Purdy, with a few Danish & English pieces thrown in. I'm very partial to English/latakia blends, cigar blends, some burley blends, Virginia flakes both with and without perique. I detest most aromatics. :x

I live and work in the Baltimore/Washington area so if any of you do as well, please give a holler.
I look forward to commiserating with you fine people. :pipe:

All the best,
Dennis - AKA Maigret