Have You Noticed The Steep Price Increases?

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Feb 9, 2008
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I have more cigars than I can smoke in several lifetimes. I've been sending hundreds at a time to Cigars for Warriors. I still, out of habit, look to see what's popular and on sale. In the news, the last couple of days, is how cigar sales are starting to reach boom measures. It's kind of a surprise to me, because I never see anyone smoking a cigar, now that smoking on the premises of most B & Ms is prohibited. But I do see that the supply/demand curve is pushing the price of most premium cigars to new heights.
It's inflation, of everything. I could go on a political rant, but it would not change a thing. Farmground sold in Iowa recently for $18,800 an acre. There have been records in auctions of used farm equipment selling for record prices. As pointed out by my knowledgeable friends. It's not easy to recover your money when things are selling so high.
I take "Cigar Aficionado" plus receive numerous cigar catalogues. I nearly gag when I read the individual price/s being asked for a "stick!!" I'll never buy another cigar; I have more than enough as is!! JR Cigar was always my supplier of choice way back when!!!
Plus, if ol' Dick Durbin is able to pass his proposed HUGE tax increase/s on tobacco I can't imagine what a stick will cost!! FTRPLT
In MN the tobacco tax is 70% of wholesale. Add Schip, state and city tax and the retailer keystoning the sum total, a $6.00 internet cigar is about $15.00 over the counter.
Cuban cigar prices are escalating as well. The cigars for which I paid $110 last year are now $160.00
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Schip is one program that just makes no sense! Ol' Crazy Nancy sold it as necessary, and could easily be funded with increased taxes on cigarettes and "roll your own" tobacco. Now who in their right mind finances an ongoing program from a source those same people want to eradicate? FTRPLT
It has, although I think there is some available; I never look!! The vast majority of "R-Y-O" converted to pipe tobacco following "Nancy's Folly!" FTRPLT