How high is too high?

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Sep 7, 2010
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My Peterson System 302 came in. It's just as beautiful as the pics showed. The drilling where it comes into the bowl is pretty high. Like at the "back" of the bowl, the bottom of wall at the full outside diameter. Hope I am describing that sufficiently. Can't really get a pic of it the inside is all black with the carbon bowl treatment.
Haven't smoked it yet. I hear has a good return policy but I bought this off the eu site and that would be a pain no doubt.

Edit: Went and looked at the other Petes and my Sav 614's. It's not that different I guess. Looked like more though. We'll see how it smokes.
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There was a thread a long time ago in pipe techniques that had a sort of clay made from cigar ash (the corn cob primer, if I remember correctly) that can be used to raise the bottom a bit to prevent burnouts. Very helpful
I agree with Eggman. LOL

I dont think I've ever gotten high off of tobacco but I certainly have gotten sick a number of times. Despite that, I never stopped smoking. :)
How is your new Pete smoking for you?
I recall a gift pipe I received with a high drilling. I tried a neutral burley cube as a filler to raise the bottom under my usual packing. Maybe worth a try. I recall inserting a metal tube through the draft, it was a bent pipe, to lower the draw. (Inquiring minds would not want to know any more.) Finally used pipe mud to re-contour the bowl so that that pipe sits in one of my active racks rather than in my "Oh, That One" drawer.
I remember reading on another forum about a member who left his pipes out in the garage after cleaning them and forgo them. When he returned, they were all gone! He suspected that the neighborhood kids had confiscated them for marijuana purposes. LOL.
How is your new Pete smoking for you?

I've only had a couple bowls out of it so far. Been on a bit of a pipe buying spree since I've been back, lots of new ones to break in. But it's good for a brand new pipe. I actually like the bowl coating Peterson is using.