How hot does your electric coffee maker brew your morning coffee?

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Oct 23, 2010
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Oregon City, Oregon - USA
Don’t bother giving us data for your pour over or French press or whatever…duh! My Austrian made machine that uses the K cups brews to about 175°F. I typically preheat one of my stainless steel 12 ounce coffee mugs and that will keep my morning brew toasty for a long long time - but I’ve always wondered what some other brand new or older regular coffee maker or some of the really new ones they have out there are doing. Google says 185°F to 200°F is common. Are they right?

Please list your coffee maker brand model and approximate age and then stick a thermometer in there when you brew your next cup and list it here. Thanks.

1. Blackhorse – Mueller Ultimate…Single K Cup. (175F)
Gezzz blacky your a taskmaster :LOL:
For the reason of your post my coffee maker is in the spare room. I was sick of getting a luke warm coffee and heating it up in the microwave.
I will post up your request soon(y) Rangers cowboy coffee for me now.
We have 3 coffee makers. A Keurig, a cheapo drip pot from Walmart, and my steel pot for cowboy coffee. Never put a thermometer in any of them but they all get the coffee plenty hot, guessing close to 200. I boil the cowboy coffee 3 times so it is very hot and strong.
Philips HD 7612 1400 watts brews good hot coffee. I believe hese are no longer sold new, and the ones I have were made in the Netherlands. I've read 180F and up for the best taste. I haven't checked mine lately, but it used to meet this temp.