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May 3, 2024
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Hello , I'm Kevin from East Tennessee. Paramedic until I had to go on disability 9 years ago. Firefighter for a few years but preferred the ambulance. Pipe smoker since 2018. Frog Morton was my favorite. I snagged a bunch of Frog Morton Cellar before McClelland closed down but wished I'd just got the plain FM. I like royal yacht, Elizabethan mixture, Chelsea morning, my mixture 965, Grousemoor. I like straight Virginia's, some non goopy aromatics, and English blends. Don't care for sour taste of Orientals or spicy from perique but can handle them in the background.
Just got a new hip a few weeks ago so I've had time to smoke more often lately. Love the pipe hobby and constantly learning as much as I can.
Welcome, pull up a chair and set a while! When your recovery permits, consider taking up "lunting" to further improve your progress. Walking while having a pipe can be very enjoyable, especially if you own a dog.

Welcome! I agree with you about liking Frog Morton better than Cellar.
Welcome from Arizona high country. My favs were FM and FMOTT. Snagged a few tins after McC closrd shop. Wish I had gotten more, lol.
A big welcome to you!! I share your liking for the various FMs!!! I enjoy Frog Morton, FM on the Bayou, FM on the Town, and FM across the Pond. Never "did" any of the others that I remember! FTRPLT