Is it the pen…or the ink?

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Oct 23, 2010
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Oregon City, Oregon - USA
I have two Lamy 2000 pens. One is the black polycarbonate and the other is stainless steel. The black has a fine nib while the steel pen is medium…both 14K gold. Never had a problem with the resin pen but the stainless has consistently written a bit too dry and skipped a bit. (Note the sounds of snarling and gnashing of teeth). Prior to finally attacking it with a brass shim to spread the tines ever so delicately, I decided to try one of the several juicy inks that I have on hand. Since I wanted a permanent ink I decided on De Atramentis Document Black, which is known for being a “wet” ink. The result? The Lamy stainless now writes as perfectly as anyone could wish for.

One of the resources I typically use in looking up the characteristics of different inks is “Mountain of Inks” which I recommend.

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The Lamy 2000’s are a nice looking pen. I like the veiled nib. Between the 2 I’d have to go with the black one. It’s funny how 2 pens of the same model can have such different flow rates with the same ink.