Latest incredible JinHao - the 9019.

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Oct 23, 2010
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Buy it for $14 from the big A and get it tomorrow or wait a few weeks and pay $8! It’s BIG. It has a giant sized ink converter. The reviews are solidly encouraging, but then sometimes they’re like that. Do yourself a favor and google “jinhao 9019” and check out a few reviews. I ordered the Olive Green one with the heartbeat nib (cool?) and will pair it with some Monteverde Olivine ink.



I really like the style of that Lamy!

I never owned anything other than workhorse fountains: Schaeffer, Parker, Cross, and Waterman pens using cartridges. I did have a chrome Schaeffer with a smoothly sculpted nib for +/-20 years but dropped it and split the nib. It wasn't worth repairing. I still have a Waterman and a Cross with refillable cartridges and a pot of ink but rarely use them.

As a horticulturist I do not often have need for a good pen, a pencil is much more effective for my field books. I still prefer a wooden #2 HB Dixon Tri-Conderoga, mechanical pencils are too fiddly for me. I often have to take notes wearing light gloves and the triangular shape means I can still write legibly.
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