New Pipe Tobacco Cigars from Steve Saka and Jeremy Reeves

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Feb 9, 2008
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Stillwell Star Cigars
I'll wait for the closeout. They may be wonderful smokes, but the price, in my opinion, is too high. By New Year's I expect to see them at Cigarpage for $49.99 for a ten pack.

I'd like to try the English No. 27, described as a "mixture of Burley and Turkish with Latakia pressed into a cake before being rubbed out and paired with Nicaraguan cigar tobaccos." I'm surprised there's no Virginia in the mix.
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I read the email, it’s not exactly a completely new idea. Durango cigars would probably agree. Never really got into the idea of pipe tobacco cigars myself. Aside from a lot of black and milds in my youth lol
Yeah Steve, I'm keen to try the #27 myself but those prices are too steep for me. I'll wait for some reviews to see if it's worth it.
It's not surprising that the aromatic version sold out first at Smoking Pipes. I assume it's the same customer that paid big bucks for Lars Tetens.
Now, I see that three of the four varieties are sold out. Wow at $15.30 a stick.
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It’s definitely an interesting idea. I’m sure I’d smoke one, if someone handed me one.
The Tobac Especials by Drew Estates (Steve Saka previously worked there) are what I associate a cigar with a pipe tobacco with. These seem to provide the amount of smoke, taste and mouth feel that I don't get from pipe smoking.