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Lord Guyrox":x2k69v1r said:

Has anybody seen this movie, finally?
Not yet. I'll have to get it from Netflix. I read the books by Laurie R. King. They were entertaining, but not Holmes. Which is ok, as I rather enjoy all the different takes on Sherlock Holmes. But the actual Holmes would never marry. Nor could I see anyone wanting to marry him.
Ok, I've watched this now. Eh..a disappointment. Another instance where a character has been borrowed to make a movie that really has nothing beyond a few plot points to do with the character.
Yes, I have seen it recently and thought it was most enjoyable. Mind you if you are looking for the young Holmes ,complete with his swager and clinical deductive deminer,you will be disappointed although there are hints of that which surface. This movie touches on an ageing Holmes suffering with the onset of dementia and his struggles to recollect his final case. Watson has passed away and Holmes has retired to the country to tend to his bees where he befriends his housekeepers young son. the boy pushes him to call upon his gifts to solve the unanswered facts which haunt him. I will leave you all there as not to spoil the entire plot. The movie is a very personal and humanizing portrait of a man dealing with the ravages of time. A man we have all come to love !