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Accessories For Sale Old McClelland G.L.Pease and other sealed tins available

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Oct 19, 2012
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I am selling lots of well-aged tobacco including 1990's Christmas Cheer and some G.L.Pease gray label and Friedman and Pease. Quantity discount available. Payment by PayPal only ([************************]), "Send to a friend." Shipping cost depends on quantity of tins but ranges between $8 and $20.


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1. OK…I moved this post to the Trading Post…its proper location.

2. I’ll allow this post & related sale pending the addition of how funds need to be transferred (check, MO, Pay Pal, etc.) and how shipping will be handled (needs to specify any added cost for shipping or if it’s included).

3. I can, if I squint, make out the various items and their respective prices. I assume your prices are per tin though I didn’t see that noted.

4. Though BoB is totally not involved in any transactions here, it’s generally considered appropriate to use our Private Messaging function to communicate re buying, selling, trading, etc.

So please note how payment is to be supplied & shipping details. I’ll give it a few days.

- BH

(You characters should know better than this by now.)
Thanks for editing your post. Good luck on your sale.

Note: I edited out the private email address. If a purchase agreement is reached with a member in good standing here go ahead and supply them with an address…but it’s just not prudent to expose yourself to anyone and everyone in the world by announcing your address in an open forum. In addition to the good guys here you give it to spammers, hackers, thieves, etc. Not good practice.