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?'s about a GBD

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Bulldog Bruce

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Mar 23, 2008
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I'm thinking of 'gifting' A GBD Bulldog I bought as an estate to my twin Bro for his BD. Would like to be able to tell him a little about it. It is a rusticated 1/4 bent bulldog. Looking down stem across shank, it is smooth on the 9 oclock to 12 flat. Stamped into it, GBD's oval logo, just below that 'ROCKROOT'. Moving up shank towards stem, 'MADE IN LONDON' in circular pattern, with 'IN' centerd. just below that 'ENGLAND', and below that '12'. Same flat on the saddle bit is the oval GBD logo in gold. Any info much appreciated. This pipe stays lit very well to bottom of bowl, and draws nicely. Good pipe for a beginner, which I still am myself.