Savinelli Trevi 602 horrible taste

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Dec 8, 2019
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This is the second pipe I bought lately, first was a Peterson I removed the bowl coating as recommended here and it is fine now
the Savinelli new purchase taste like lacquer thinner, only did three bowls of English , no joy, the stem is ok .
‘I removed the bowl crap but still smells line lacquer thinner.
any ideas thanks Dave
Wit/h a reamer and sandpaper down to raw wood , smelled the same before and after.
The only time I have ever run into that problem was with a Peterson many years ago with their dip staining of the bowls. It was so bad the stain actually would stain your hand. I really liked the pipe and the way it smoked but the stain issue (and smell) drove me crazy. This is the "extreme" but I sanded the inside of the bowl to bare wood and ended up wiping the exterior of the pipe with alcohol to remove all the excess stain (the pipe was a dark burgundy color). I then buffed it out on my buffer with carnauba wax. It still took several smokes before I didn't notice the smell anymore.
This brought up a distant memory of baking a bowl filled with charcoal in my oven. Did a search of G.L.P.'s The Briar & Leaf Chronicles and found "Out, Damned Spot!" the inspiration for my bowl bake. Worked for me, but I only did it once. By the way, if I take a bowl down to bare wood I treat it with an even smear of pipe mud - might have a bit of a bitter taste on the next smoke but I feel the bowl is durably protected.
up date, I first cleaned bowl Down to raw wood then packed with damp used costa Rico dark roast used grounds let set for a day or so, removed grounds then packed with plum pudding soaked t/he tobacco with spiced rum, another day or so . Let the stummel dry along with the tobacco then had a smoke. Rum treatment of tobacco tasted fine, still some very slight ghosting. . I will keep testing for a while