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Feb 7, 2012
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I’m looking to pick up a few tins of snuff and no longer have a local source that I know of (Charleston SC these days). Where are the reputable places? I’m out of the game, so any recommendations are welcome!
I may be wrong but I don't think you can buy snuff online and shipped (supposedly to protect the children). You will need to find local to purchase is my understanding.
Google it! I’ve bought lots of snuff online. We also have a snuff related topic section here. Check it out. Look for members that mention ordering online and PM them for details re vendors.
I have a few sources, I just was wondering if there are preferred ones amongst the brothers. Mr. Snuff used to be recommended but the threads seem to be a bit out of date (I wasn’t going to get someone else to do my research for me). Anyone have any favorites?
Worst case scenario, I’ll shoot out a couple small orders and report back with results.
I have used and to both delivered. Although I know someone who also ordered from them and never got their order (they did get refunded, though it took some time).
Mr. Snuff delivered! Figuratively and literally. Took a week for this to arrive


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The situation in the EU has deteriorated beyond belief. Brexit cut off all possibility of affordable snuff and recent changes make it unlawful to sell tobacco even between EU countries.

I'm back into pipes (at huge expense) due to inability to buy snuff. So, I try to take the good with the bad :D

In Wilsons, Dynamite is just superb. It's got the dark tobacco flavor with menthol and camphor. They have rebadged a lot of their snuff names to comply with EU diktat (not sure what happens now since they're out of the EU) but SM 500 is another great menthol and so are Aniseed Extra and Bee something or other. The latter being a honey menthol. The other unfortunate change to the Wilson's tins is the celophane seals are worthless and the snuff goes dry quickly. Use 'em or lose 'em fellas. I received an expensive order of unusable stale cans that were only 6 months old. In the past, the sticky green tape seals they used would keep the cans factory fresh up to 5 years.

But by far the best were the Sam Gawith 25g tins and bulk. Their dark, coarse, moist blends were not matched in the mainstream. Jaap Bes's Peppermunt, Chocomint, and Pine flavors which were coarse but dry, were also tremendous, but the EU put him out of business. The best days of snuffing are a sad memory.