Storing Open Tins in an Aristocrat

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May 26, 2008
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In the heyday of my cigar smoking I purchased one of Bob Staebel's Aristocrat cabinet humdors. Since I rarely smoke cigars anymore, I've been selling off some of my inventory to create space in the Aristocrat for opened tins. I keep the humidity level at 65%.

I like having a variety of open tins but I was finding that I was sometimes smoking a tin just to finish it before it got too dry (I've found that the Pease-type tins with the plastic lids can last up to a year on the shelf with decent moisture content). Nonetheless, I've moved all open tins (about 20 or so) into the newly opened space in the Aristocrat on the theory that now they'll last indefinitely.

My questions are:

1) Is 65% too high for pipe tobacco in tins?

2) Should I worry at all about the mixing of cigar aroma with the pipe tobacco?

3) Am I right about the open tins staying smokable indefinitely?

My sense is that the tobacco will be fine in the Aristocrat but I seem to recall the Dark Lord writing in an earlier post that 60% is optimum for pipe tobacco.