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Broken Pipe
Jan 11, 2013
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Well after nearly 3" of rain it slowed down to showers on and off so we went to a block party in Kittery where I ran into my friend and rod maker Fred Kretchman and his wife. Fred showed me a video he took from a fly fishing trip he won guided by Hoagy B. Carmichael and I got to see Hoagy playing a fish on a Garrison 7'9" rod.

With the way the day has been I had a smoke in the old soldier MM Diplomat with Plum Forever Stem smoking some McConnell Matured Virgina Folded Flake from 2011, was nice to get it back into service again.

Right now I'm segueing into a five knuckle bamboo shank pipe with a Cob bowl by Riccardo Santia smoking more of the 6 y/o Folded Flake to keep it smokey.