Time to begin smoking ... meats!!!

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Jan 26, 2022
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Actually, any time is the time to smoke meats in my shed. The manufacturer's photo of my pride and joy; 600+ pounds of 1/4" steel!

Not quite in this league!! Put my Camp Chef pellet smoker to work over the weekend doing ribs and Cornish Game Hens!! Yowzaa, mighty good eatin"!!! FTRPLT
Even lower league, I use my PK grill/smoker. My favorites in Cornish Hens with orange glaze or lemon and garlic or ginger. Yum yum!
Yoder only makes 1 stick burner smoker smaller than mine (the Cheyenne). Mine is a bit larger than I really needed but the smaller one uses 3/16" steel and I have read to go with 1/4" if you can.
My PK (Portable Kitchen) I bought in the early 70s a cast aluminum with one vent on the top then two vents in the bottom. Still works very well but had to buy a charcoal grate and a cooking grid.

When I cooked poultry I used charcoal with hickory or pecan. Then I used for steaks with plain charcoal and some times mesquite. The last time I used some apple chips in Cornish Hens. That turned out very well...and no one complained eating them.

Any one used or favorite the type wood chips or pellets?

Any one used or favorite the type wood chips or pellets?


I have hickory and oak delivered for my smoker but at this point hickory is my favorite. Not because of the flavor of the meats but because of the aroma of the shed for several days after running the smoker. Most hardwoods do quite well in a smoker.

Yesterday I pressure washed the smoker, disinfected it just because, then pressure washed the inside again. Going to do a simple smoke later today using a variety of sausages.
Those smoked sausages are great today. I smoked them yesterday but nothing tastes great to me the day I smoke it. I think I'm just overwhelmed with the smoke on the day I smoke something but the next day ... mmm!!!