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Hey there, I had a similar find as well! Unfortunately I cant really figure out how to attach pics so Ill tell my story instead.

During this fall semester at college in Upstate NY I took a class called Intro to Archaeological Field Methods. Durin this class, we dug at a very nice site where a shepherds cottage used to stand. This cottage was only a small part of the entire site, which used to be a large wealthy estate comprised of several different mansions. Amongst all the nails and bits of brick, we uncovered a small fragment of a smoking pipe stem. after cleaning it up, we could make out part of a word: "ASGOW." Sadly, at the time we interpreted the wording as "SCOW" and thought the pipe originated from Moscow.

In the artifact lab we measured the bore size of the hole in the center of the pipe to be 5/64", which was able to tell us a manufacture date range of around 1720-1750, which would make this one a little older than the W. White pipe OP has. Currently I have about three explanations for this: Either this pipe was tossed by the original founder of the town (Who settled in the same area during 1776 after serving in the Revolution), the pipe was held onto for about 100 years or was left sitting in some store and the owners of the cottage tossed it, or it was dumped at some point in between the founding of the town and the construction of the cottage by a third and unknown source. Not sure who the actual maker of the pipe was because the opposite side is too worn to read.

If you read this far, thanks! I hope you enjoyed :)
Screenshot 2023-12-15 222000.png
Screenshot 2023-12-15 224714.png

Just figured out how to post pictures and I found some really great microscope pics my lab partner took and it looks like it does at least partially say W. White! Our bore hole analysis must have been off by a couple years.
Awesome! Pipes with provenance are treasures and the history behind this one makes it a great discovery for you. I hope it smokes well and you can pass it along one day, too.'

Derp...I never look at post dates. I do hope you smoked it BB, and continue to smoke it.
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My grandmother has moved to a nursing facility and my brother is moving into her house. We have been clearing out all of her things and my mother found a box containing a clay pipe. I remember this pipe from when I was about 5 or 6 years old (early 80's ). When my grandmother had her house re-sided, the workers found this pipe sitting inside the walls of the house. The house was build around 1907 so it at least dates back that far.

The only markings on the pipe are a "T" and a "D" on the bowl, the word "Glasgow", the word "W.WHITE" and one more marking that says either "T-73" or "T-7B". I kid you not when I say I have wanted this pipe for the past 23 years. Today, my mom gave it to me, knowing my interest in pipes. :D

I have no idea where to find more info about this pipe. I searched on Google but found very little. If anyone has ANY idea or knowledge of where I could find some more info I would be very appreciate.

I tried sniffing the bowl and it smells faintly of Navy Flake. Perhaps it belonged to one of Docks ancestors.

Just kiddin', D. :lol:

Thanks folks!

I'll try and get some better pics, I just got the pipe this morning so I snapped a few pics with my phone just now in my car.

edit: Image hosting seems to be down right now. I'll try and get those up later.
Hello from Scotland!

I'm Emma, the Heritage Manager for William White's historic clay tobacco pipe factory in Glasgow.

Friends of The Pipe Factory are running a project to conserve the White & Sons factory building (which ceased production of tobacco pipes in the 1950s) while reviving the site as a free creative hub for the local community in the east end of Glasgow.

Thanks for posting about your own find, Benjamin! It's fascinating to see where White's clay pipes ended their journey once they were shipped from Glasgow.

As part of our ongoing project, we're cataloguing and digitising the numerous tobacco pipes/ fragments already found (and still being discovered) in and around the historic factory site.

We're also mapping the spread of White's clay pipes around the world, which is why this thread is such an exciting find!

Our digital archive will be available soon at The Pipe Factory website https://www.thepipefactory.co.uk/

If you've any images of your own White's artefact finds, we would love to hear from you & highlight them in our global mapping project. You can reach me at: [email protected]

Thanks again for kicking off such an interesting discussion!


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