What’s all this I hear about meddling at the Olympics.

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Oct 23, 2010
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Oregon City, Oregon - USA
What’s all this I hear about meddling at the Olympics? It seems like in every event there is talk about meddling and even footage of guilty athletes. You’d think there would be rules against meddling…yet it seems that the best and greatest athletes are continually pointed out as having meddled. Can’t they stay out of other people’s business, leave well enough alone and be content to participa…..what? Yes…MEDDLING! Huh? Oh…really? Oh…like in MEDALS. Gold, silver, etc.? Oh. Well.

Never mind.
I have no idea. I haven't paid much attention to the Olympics this go around. I've watched one round of mixed curling and 4 women snowboarders
With Crusoe and Daphne Dachshunds had a Winter Olympics for a bobsled race. I haven't heard any meddling for them.

1. meddling
intrusive or unwarranted interference.
"bureaucratic meddling"

2. med·al

gerund or present participle:
medaling…to earn a medal, especially in an athletic contest.
"Norwegian athletes medaled in 12 of the 14 events".

Um, it was a joke. Based on the difference between two words and a famous Saturday Night Live routine performed by the brilliant Gilda Radner.