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A Bach Concerto compilation album on the Archiv Produktion label featuring Trevor Pinnock conducting The English Concert. Recorded in 1982.
hobie1dog":chs9vdus said:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OLhpkvQLDt0" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
Gosh, that's a beautiful! And some very homely scenes too!
eggman":nz3gsbma said:
The last 2 days I have discovered Miles Davis. Of course I had heard of
him but never heard anything by him. I got on a music streaming site yesterday and he was recommended because of what I had been listening too.

The album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis just blew me away. The song “blue in green” is awesome.  It’s funny how one’s music choices can change so drastically over the years. Years ago if it wasn’t big hair or grunge I would even give it a second thought.

I'm a big Miles Davis fan. I have a 1960 Bootleg of Copenhagen concert. Coltrane left that summer. It is interesting to listen to that and the Blackhawk recordings later that year. Copenhagen concert, Coltrane is aggressive and Miles is more laid back. In contrast, when Mobley joined to replace Coltrane, Hank is more laid back and Miles is more aggressive in the Blackhawk recordings that same year.

If I am only allowed one album on a desert island, Miles Davis Kind of Blue is my pick hands down for any recording.
Right now laying in bed listening to the wife snore, but that’s a lot better than listening to her b***h :lol!:
I've been rolling through three albums: Anita Baker-Rapture. Joshua Bell--At home with friends. Buckwheat Zydeco--Lay your burden down.
My music selection depends on what I am doing. If coding the Slacker station is on smooth jazz, Candy Dulfer, Gerald Albright, etc. with little to no singing to distract me. Cooking brings out the rock songs from Def Leppard to Disturbed and Led Zeppelin. Relax time is either country, think Randy Houser, or classic like Frank Sinatra.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cCmLjb-ocPY" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>

Get to see them tonight, stoked
One of my favorite albums, especially in working on my own project I call "The Music of the Spheres." Unfortunately I don't have link privileges yet, but you may find the album in searching for Bungie's Destiny "Music of the Spheres" album on YouTube.
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/F55PPKfi71Y" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>

I never have the time to do the nothing that I want to do.
I’m always rushing around being what other people want me to be.
Well, the fabric of my soul is frayed and falling apart at the seams.
I’m tied up and tied down by the strings of other people’s dreams.
I’m starting to see that that isn’t me. My freedom isn’t free.
All I really want is some room to breathe.

Someday, I’ll learn to say no. Find a way to lighten my load.
People take possession of the pieces of my weary heart.
I'll learn to let go, and learn to say no.

Feeling like a lion lying down behind the bars of this cage.
Yea, the king of the beast is now the king of this enclosed space.
Wear and tear and worry, they’ve been drawing their lines on my face.
I feel a whole lot older than my chronological age.

I’m starting to see that that isn’t me. My freedom isn’t free.
All I really want is some room to be me.


Give us your time and give us your money.
Just lay down your body, there’s no sense in running.
Now cut off your hair and put on a tie.
Just do what you’re told without wondering why.

Don’t ask for a reason, no matter the season.
Sit down and comply 'cause we don’t want no free men,
We’ll say what you are, decide what you’re not.
You go, and you go, and you never will stop.

Lotta good stuff here.  But now for something completely different.

Let’s look at some K Pop...

J. Rabbit (Korean Duet)




Bonus K Pop MVid...Twice “Yes or Yes”


OK...no complaints.  I coulda stuck about 50 cuts from Cowboy Beebop in here.  Also great stuff.  The Seatbelts...love it!

Well, just one. Here’s The Seatbelts with “Tank”. The Cowboy Beebop main theme and the ring tone on my mobile phone. (PS: the voice intro isn’t part of the ringtone.)


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/pVOuCxs-HJY" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
The last 2 afternoons before the XYL gets home from work I’ve been listening to this album, Led Zeppelin’s Presense

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-g8ZM5Bq8VU" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>