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Now enjoying Watch City Rouxgaroux in a Barling Sovereign bent acorn with saddle stem.
Barling Sovereign Bent Acorn.jpg
Good Afternoon my friends and fellow BoBs 😊.
Summer has finally arrived in Merry olde England, however we English are not built for these staggering temperatures. My weather station is recording 31 degrees in the garden, but it's way hotter inside the house. I salute you guys, who live in climates, where these temps are considered comfortable. We have no need for AC in Britain, and so they are not incorporated in our house builds. So I have been online searching for anything to help combat the heat 🥵.
Right now I'm taking a break, and I'm about to fill a Petersons Ashford XL17 with a large 3 pincher of my beloved Hobbit Weed.
As always my friends, I wish you all a fantastic day.
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Zippo, I've heard of people in the old days around here using a cooler full of ice with a fan behind it blowing over the ice. Hope you get relief pronto.
Zippo, don't they have window A/C units there? Probably won't cool the whole house but should at least make one or two rooms comfortable
Hi Ranger Buddy
Yes we can buy those, but the price, and cost of installation is staggering. And for the amount of time they would be required for use, the price isn't justified IMHO. I would sooner sit in the duck pond, and spend the saved cash on pipes, bakki and beer 🤣🤣🤣
A quarter of the way through this bowl of pre-2014 Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend in a 2014 Basil Meadows smooth slight bend squashed tomato with an aluminum band and a black pearl acrylic stem in the military mount style. Watching Mad Dog Russo. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Basil_squashed_ tomato copy.jpg
Enjoyed a tasty lunch, and am close to finishing this bowl of KBV Handsome Stranger in a 2003 medium bent Ural meer with a lined and etched egg shaped bowl with a silver band and a pearl brown acrylic saddle stem. Gold Star Jamaican Estate Reserve, neat, is my drink.
A third of the way through this bowl of year 2012 Dan Tobacco Treasures of Ireland: Limerick in a 2021 medium bend black sandblasted Peterson Newgrange 80S bent bulldog silver spigot with a tapered reddish brown, black striped acrylic stem. Time to clean a few pipes after I check my Facebook page.
Peterson_80S_NG_bbulldog_ ss.jpg
Half way through this bowl of year 2020 Watch City Rouxgaroux in a 1999 smooth brown medium bend Peterson Sherlock Holmes Series Baskerville with a sterling silver band and black vulcanite p-lip stem. Giving the 4AB a day of rest. Just finished cleaning a few pipes.
Peterson Sherlock Holmes_Baskerville.jpg
A quarter of the way through this bowl of first release Watch City Rhythm & Blues in a black rusticated medium bend 2021 Peterson POTY 4AB No. 67/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem. This will get me to dinner time.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, chicken legs and green beans dinner with strawberries for dessert. I'm smoking year 2021 Watch City Glass Slipper Micro-Batch in a post-2000 straight brown sandblasted Tom Eltang cherrywood with a black acrylic saddle stem. Watching the Braves-Cards game.
Off to work with a bowl of year 2020 D&R Penhooker Silver in a straight smooth brown undated pre-Republic Peterson Shamrock 263 Canadian with a nickel band and a tapered black p-lip stem. Going to listen to the rest of the ball game. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.