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I've refilled my coffee and I'm smoking Arango Balkan Supreme in a Hardcastle's Crown beng billiard with saddle stem.
Good morning BoBs. Gonna be another hot one, hopefully not as bad as the 102 we had yesterday. Had a brief rain shower yesterday afternoon which has brought out the gnats. Pesky little buggers. Need to spray the patios again. Anyway, needed something to perk me up, so it's CS Shepherds Pie in a Randy Wiley freehand bent dublin with morning coffee. Shorter smoke than usual since I have to be at the ranch by 9 to meet the farrier. Then Ranger lunch at noon. EZ, a little patience buddy. Goldens are great dogs. They will adapt and settle down quickly. Have a great day everyone.
Good Afternoon friends and fellow BoBs.
Well it's been a few days since I last left a post on what I'm smoking. But as I have mentioned before, Mrs Z and myself, have spent much of the start of this summer, getting out and about and enjoying the weather. However, this is England, and what was glorious weather, has now turned into our usual all four seasons in one day scenario. That being said, it's a nice 25° outside
"at the moment".
So what am I smoking I hear you ask?.
And the answer is some Erinmore in a vintage Capt Black BK17 with a large Americano on the side. And with that I wish you all a great day, and I'll leave with a special mention to my great buddy Ranger. Your in my thoughts and prayers my friend.
Captain Black BK17.jpg
Gooooood morning BoB!
Today we've got weather in the low 100's in central Oregon. I'm hoping it cools down soon so my sister in-law and I can go in a hike up one of the local buttes.
This morning I smoked around half a bowl of Newminster's Imperial Nougat. Now I'm at work drinking nice green tea and listening to OTR, as is my habit.
Smoking some Sutliff blue note, Pete Deerstalker, boxer k-cup. Cloudy and humid here. The golden pups seem to be a little more mellow today,my wife wants to let them out of the kitchen to be with our other 2 dogs, I tried to explain that it`s way too soon for that. They enjoy running and playing in the yard and it seems to make them sleep a bit better ,too.
Starting off my smoking day with a bowl of pre-2014 Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend in a 2014 Basil Meadows smooth slight bend squashed tomato with an aluminum band and a black pearl acrylic stem in the military mount style. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Basil_squashed_ tomato copy.jpg
Enjoyed a Jethro Bodine size bowl of Raisin Bran with extra raisins thrown in, and a golden delicious apple on the side. I'm part way through this bowl of year 2000 VaPer Three Nuns in a 1938 straight black grain relief Dunhill OX Shell bulldog with a silver band repair with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Lavazza Classico, neat, is my drink.
I got my smokingpipes.com package today. I took advantage of their 10% off tobacco and got a pound of Westminster along with a half a dozen 2oz. tins and 2 oz of Sutliff Per G. Jensen Virginia. After finishing the Rob Roy filled with GLP Westminster that I took on errands, now I'm starting an MM Let Freedom Ring Rob Roy filled with Per. G. Jensen Virginia. Time to trade in my coffee for a glass of Moscato wine.
Did a second set of walking reps in the sweltering heat and humidity, and smoked a bowl of year 2015 D&R A.B. Rimboche in an undated slight bend, smooth flame grain Wessex Standard egg with a brown accent on the black vulcanite saddle stem. An old high school classmate is bringing her mother-in-law over tomorrow to take a look at Sam the Scamp. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but this is a promising event.
Plenty of Epiphany at work again today. 30 C (86F) again today. Not so bad when I think of Ranger's climate at 100F+. We usually get sent home once the thermometer reaches 35C (95F). Anything above body temperature is just an obscenity.


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A third of the way through this bowl of 2018 Sutliff Walnut Match in a 1990s smooth brown medium bend briar calabash shaped Butz-Choquin Maitre Pipier JR Fait Main with a horn ferrule and a black vulcanite stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink. Abner the Eager showed up to eat, and m'lady is holding him as I type.
Butz-Choquin_Maitre_PipierJR _hornMM.jpg
Near the last quarter of this bowl of Watch City SEPC McClouxgaroux 2023 in a mid-1970s smooth brown medium bend Ed Burak Connoisseur bulldog with an acrylic black saddle stem. Been busy packing up a box tobaccos for a good friend.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, chicken legs and green beans dinner with strawberries for dessert. I'm passing the last third of this bowl of year 2014 Dunhill Flake in a straight smooth 1960 Dunhill DR 137 group 4 root briar canted dublin with a tapered black vulcanite stem.