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Got a few smokes in today had some Ole Carolina, C&D The Haunting (thanks to DrT999 for the sample), and a bowl of Tudor Castle.

Black & Elegand Aromatic.
Now smoking some Dan Tobacco Midnight Ride in a Savinelli 320 St. Nicolas while watching the world series. Earlier today I smoked some Carter Hall and also some McLintok Black Cherry in cobs.
NO Day "OXI" anniversary 28th October 1940- 28th October 2019


I am smoking McClelland Grand Orientals Drama Reserve and i raise a glass of Greek red wine to the memory of the fallen Soldiers-Constables-EON Youth-Citizens against the fascist [italians and albanians] invaders.
Good evening, gents. Smoking GH Brown Bogie in a Savinelli Spinosa 320 KS with water on the side.
Good afternoon from a snowy Colorado, gents. Smoking Mac Baren Navy Flake in a MM Country Gentleman w/ a forest green Forever stem. Water is on the side.