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Oct 23, 2010
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Oregon City, Oregon - USA
Biggest heads up of the years. I recently got a Jin Hao X159 <fine> fountain pen in and just did the initial flush, fill and writing test on it. To say the least, I’m astonished. The flush is 1 drop of Dawn per cup of water…then flush with fresh clean water several times. I stuck an “expensive” Graf von Faber-Castell Carbon Black cartridge in it, let it sit 10 minutes and started writing. Short story? This is a Chinese pen from a very good company that cost $13.50 and was delivered the next day by Amazon. It’s the black and silver model. It is very literally one of the best writing pens I own. It lists as a FINE but writes as a MEDIUM-FINE. Ideal for me. The original Jin Hao 159 is made of metal and is HEAVY…and has a #6 nib. This one is all acrylic, super light and has a new #8 nib and a redesigned ink feed with a ver wide flow channel.

I liked this so much I did a search over on eBay and ordered both the Burgundy and Navy Blue models for $16.72 total…delivered by Oct. 13.


You are such a bad influence. Ordered one, also grabbed the older version Jinhao 159 you know just to compare the metal vs acrylic.
I don’t recommend taking the section apart but I watched a video on YouTube that showed the parts of the 159 laid out next to those of the X159. The old one has a standard #6 nib, which is good because there are replacement nib available everywhere so you can swap out the original on the cheap. But the new one has a great big #8 nib…very sweet.

And the old feed has a tiny two slit flow channel while the new one has a huge double wide channel. I think the new one writes better and with a wider line, which I prefer.

And lastly? The old one, solid metal, is a brute. Excellent for clubbing the occasional zombie if you’re ever attacked while writing to a pen pal while in the library.

I don't even want any damn pens...and I want a damn pen now.
You have to pick between those options or you’ll go crazy.

Note: I bought the one from Amazon because I could get it the next day AND because it could be returned effectively. The other two I ordered via eBay because I was confident in the pen and didn’t care that it was 2 - 3 weeks away.

PS: you’ll need ink, either in a bottle or cartridge (International Standard).

PPS: the ink is as important as the pen.