What's your drink for the night?

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Red Breast Irish Whiskey (single pot still). 12 y.o. One of the better 12 year old whiskeys.

She Who Must Be Obeyed ordered an Old Fashioned tonight; 2 dashes regular and orange bitters over a few grains of demerara sugar, cherry and orange slice muddled in, then one large cube, a healthy amount (is there really a healthy amount of liquor?) of Four Roses Single Barrel, and a splash of club soda.
Famous Grouse, neat with a splash, since my local liquor purveyor can't or won't stock Teachers anymore. Love the single malts but my pay grade doesn't support them as a regular tipple. Total Wines and More has opened here though, and I picked this up...

I don't know much about it but at $25 a bottle it is definitely drinkable!
Yes, the basic blended and 12 year Costco Scotch is very good for the price. Now if they'd just get their great bourbons back in stock.
Our Costco here has some really good bourbons in stock, but we also have a place here called the Park Deli that has a great selection. Name any bourbon and they probably stock it.