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    • Natch
      I have three, all with CO detectors as well. I heat with wood so our stove is running most of the time in winter. I also am a DAT...
    • Natch
      Natch replied to the thread what is like Plum Pudding?.
      It's been a favorite of mine for a couple years now, along with their Mississippi Mud. PP comes quite moist and needs to be broken down...
    • Natch
      Natch replied to the thread Can money buy happiness?.
      Aussiemike broached a wonderful question we all should consider. I've had a bit of a rough start in life (last polio epidemic to hit...
    • Natch
      Natch replied to the thread An Act of God?.
      Unless your state laws are "unique", (increasingly the case in increasingly separating states), a tree or branch that falls or obstructs...
    • Natch
      Natch posted the thread Floods in Texas in The Round Table.
      Back from another deployment for the American Red Cross. This time it was to the floods (ongoing) in South Texas. I'm used to working...
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    • Natch
      Natch replied to the thread Best Crew I've Ever Worked With.
      I've red carded parents, coaches, and ran in terror from a "lady" charging the field because her little cupcake was taken out by a very...
    • Natch
      This is probably the last year for me reffing high school soccer. For some reason. I can't quite understand why, a short, mid-70's old...
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    • Natch
      First 20+ years, Wisconsin and "da UP hey", bounced around with teaching jobs, landed a tenure track in central Arkansas and have stayed...
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