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I love trout. When I was a kid, I fished with my grandfather on a stream in Colorado. Rainbow trout for breakfast, fresh from the stream: is there anything sweeter?

Missouri is not always kind to trout. (Hot weather / warm water; cow-filled (or defiled) rivers; etc.) Still, when I get the house finished, I plan to get back to fly fishing on one of the stocked streams. (I'm right off of the Niangua river, so it seems a travesty not to fish.)

Bass fishing is popular (very popular) around here, but I do not want to fish for anything that I cannot eat.

Still, pipe smoking and fishing pair well. Ah, to find and have the time.

To get back to the original question: fly fishing. As soon as I can.

I love everything fishy DW, except the big blue water marlin,sordfish stuff not my thing. love stalking trout with flys, flicking for flathead or bream on plastics. Barramundi on all of the above. When I shore fish which I love I walk the channels at low tide for flathead they are like $30au per kilo so unbelivabe as I usually catch and release, as they are conisidered a bread and butter fish here, if I could catch a big bulvoine steak i WOULD KEEP THAT BUGGER LOL :LOL:
Cats on flies are fun...




Oh, that's beautiful.

Nice photography, too! Gorgeous fish.

I've never even thought about fly fishing for cat. I always associate flies with bass and trout. (NOT claiming to be anything like - or even close to resembling - a fishing guru, so that I have not heard of it means little.)

Anyway, well captured!
Tiger Fish....caught with a Zambezi Deceiver fly, with piano wire tippet, on the the Zambezi....Keep your fingers away from its mouth


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Grew up fishing for trout in creeks using night crawlers or powerbait. I’ve wanted to learn to fly fish for years, maybe one of these days things will slow down enough for me to get to!

I will admit I’ve also had moderate success fishing invasive carp with a bow. Not the nicest way for the fish, but they’re also severely detrimental to the ecosystem where we were fishing. (And it was legal lol).