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    Is This Another Burn Your Bra Generation?

    Temp. This was pre-makeover. But what a great time. I have memories of everyone dancing one night in one of those torrential tropical rainstorms. It’s just coming down in buckets, but it’s just awesome.
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    Don Everly RIP

    Well he didn’t outlive Phil by much… you know, I really yearned for Don and Phil getting an opportunity to do a well-done late in life project, at least one, kind of like what Rick Rubin got out of JR Cash. I can almost hear it… it would have been gorgeous. I love vocal harmonies, but I...
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    Is This Another Burn Your Bra Generation?

    That’s one of the downsides of getting to actually partake of the sorts of things we all dreamed of as kids: if you get enough of it, it becomes blasé. My most recent ex and I spent a little over a week at an awesome topless optional resort in Cancun several years ago. The first couple of days...
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    Takes on Mac Baren Royal Twist?

    I don’t usually pay attention to the smokingpipes home page. I usually just click on the search bar and start typing. So, luckily for me, I stumbled across the listing for Royal Twist while it was still in stock. I actually used the tobacco locator feature on that site to search for VaPerKys...
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    Have You Ever Just Met Someone and Immediately Disliked Them

    I like where this has led. I try to not let my first impressions completely rule people out, unless they’re just obviously horrible. One of my oldest, dearest friends transferred into my high school when we were sophomores. Those first two years, we nearly came to blows a couple of times. But...
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    Advice for the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area?

    One last thing: crab cakes. I can’t give you a specific restaurant to check out. It’s just been too long. But living there made me a crab cake snob. I haven’t had a good one since I left. I’m not guaranteeing you that every place you go will have world class crab cakes. But if you happen upon a...
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    Have You Ever Just Met Someone and Immediately Disliked Them

    That’s an impression I try my best to fight. I’m prone to be even more prejudicial than many. In the past, I’m ashamed to say, that people who could be classically classified as “uggos” (male or female, it didn’t really matter) were people I didn’t really bother even giving a real chance to...
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    Advice for the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area?

    I’ve been adding to the initial reply, so there may be stuff you didn’t see initially. Sorry. It’s pretty easy to get around the various areas once you get the hang of it. I learned before the ubiquitous GPS era though. Buy one of those spiral bound South Hampton Roads maps, so you can really...
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    Advice for the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area?

    I know the area very well... at least I did. I worked for nearly a decade at the local newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot. I was downsized at the beginning of 2012, so some of what I tell you may be outdated. Chesapeake has a couple of decent malls, Greenbrier and Chesapeake Square. Chesapeake...
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    What Moisture Level Do You Prefer

    I prefer my humidity level somewhere north of crispy. Based on the initial notes OP shared, I’m guessing 15-ish is right for me. Anything lower, and I get through a bowl before I’ve even had a chance to get comfy. I like mine to burn slow. Another reason I prefer flakes, plugs, spun cut, cube...
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    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Another bowl of my rapidly dwindling 10YO tin of Triple Play, in a great smoker: Mayfair by Sasieni.
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    Comparing Peterson 3Ps and GLP Triple Play (and a discovery)

    So for the past week, I’ve been smoking mainly those two plugs. Both are 10 years old, though the Peterson product probably has more age simply because (as a rule) GL Pease (and, by extension, C&D) don’t age their leaf nearly as long both before and after processing. But that’s moot... they’re...
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    What tea did you have this morning...or afternoon?

    I want to sit on your porch, sipping this iced tea and smoking pipes. But only if you have rocking chairs. Or at least gliders. What am I saying? I don’t even HAVE a porch. Apartment dweller here.
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    I'm not buying any more jars!!

    Carpe friggin’ diem!!!
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    I'm not buying any more jars!!

    Welcome back. I’m glad to see things are okay. I imagine you WERE pretty cranky. I get cranky when I have to walk into an establishment (most) that doesn’t allow smoking. Three months? Ouch.