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    Popped into Boston’s famous L.J. Peretti today!

    We didn’t go inside many places because of various local ordinances. We did go through the commons, walk the freedom trail, visit graves of some founding fathers and go to Quincy market though. My wife actually smoked my pipe full of well aged Irish oak I had walked in there smoking lol.
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    Transportation case

    Not that I fly lately, but I would imagine this would be a good option for a carry on. You could stuff it in the overhead no sweat.
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    Popped into Boston’s famous L.J. Peretti today!

    I’m fixed to try the whole slew eventually. And the experience of the shop is awesome. I could’ve hung out there all day. If any of you all ever find yourself in Boston, it’s worth the trip.
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    Keeping sliver work nice...

    A little spit on a tissue with some ash lol. Works like a dream. Seriously
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    Transportation case

    That is cool. I may have to steal that idea.
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    Popped into Boston’s famous L.J. Peretti today!

    And I managed to leave with my shirt, lol. Quarter pounds of two new favorites: century, a proper stout Latakia which I couldn’t leave without. And D-7485, a va/bur with orientals and a dash of Latakia. Also, a pocket sized shop pipe that was a steal. Fantastic shopping experience in there...
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    My cooler weather choices

    I find it to be a fine smoke in the chilly evenings, definitely good and strong. And it is better with a few years on the can.
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    Brigham POTY 2021

    Just picked this up as a birthday present for myself. Not terribly easy to lay hands on. This is the second year of the Scottish theme and is the Highlander, with flannel sock, whisky tube case, and highland warrior tamper. Some beautiful flame grain on this pipe.
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    pipes you'd like to see, or see more of

    I have a Charl Goussard, I got from a brother on here some years back, that looks similar that. It has a pot shaped bowl however. Love that pipe. Definitely an oddling shape in my mind but it works out pretty well functionally Haven’t seen anything else much like it.
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    Anybody here a Brigham man?

    I recently started listening to the pipes magazine radio show. The fella Brian Levine that hosts it is/was the big dog for Brigham pipe sales in the u.s. I know it’s his job, but talked them up a bit one episode. I watched a trunk show presentation he did on them in Florida too on the YouTube...
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    My cooler weather choices

    Definitely have been poking into the full English zone a bit more lately. Stokkebye proper, c&d bow legged bear and a few choice staples in the evening. And autumn evening haha.
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    Why Are There No Match Blends for Esoterica ?

    The blend chosen for Penzance is nearly identical, if not exactly the same as the tobacco which had been made for Smoker's Haven in Columbus, Ohio called "Krumble Kake." Thus sayeth gregory pease, google groups 4/4/2000. It’s no longer in production however. I think I may have had it in the...
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    Peterson recommendation?

    As long as we’re talking a bit about pipes in that range, have you looked into briarworks? I have three at this point. Straight billiard, bent ball and a strawberry. All excellent for factory pipes.
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    Acetone for Lakeland ghost removal?

    I’ll keep you all posted, I think I may have an out here.
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    Acetone for Lakeland ghost removal?

    I’ve heard folks talking about the ozone treatment. They say it works wonders, just not on lakelands. I used some kind of an ozone machine years ago when I worked in a hotel to get smoke odor out of rooms. Id like to try and see if I can’t find an estate briar on the cheap that was used for...