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Sep 10, 2017
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Queensland, Australia
I have had this great lighter for a while and it is great but I don't use it very often and never filled it with gas.
Admittedly I had had quite a few sherberts and thought it was about time for a refill. I saw the screw tab and though ohhh that must be the flint like zippo lighters. mmmm where to put the gas?
I pulled the tamper out and shoved the gas nozzle in and gave it some. Then flicked it annnnnd all hell broke loose!!
You know how you read about people setting themselves alight and dying in their armchairs, I always though how the F*&K would that happen?
My chest exploded in a ball of flames and luckily I had a towel draped over the armrest and put myself out. For about 1 or 2 seconds I thought I was a gonna :cry:
Singed my beard,chest and forearm what a Dickhead!!! :ROFLMAO::LOL:
I unscrewed that bigger screw and found where to fill it, I threw that screw in the bin!!!:LOL: