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Apr 18, 2022
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Hey all, I'm interested in old Algerian briar pipes, and wanted an Edward's, but have found a Roger's. Anybody have any experience with these makers or the briar in any other maker?
I believe there used to be an Edward's expert on here, but I haven't seen him for a very long time. He even had a nifty website dedicated to his collection of Edward's. I've owned a couple, and neither were noteworthy smokers; not bad, but nothing impressive either. They sometimes made really nice looking large billiards. I personally found them inconsistent, and if you don't like fills, it's a real crapshoot to find one that is clean. I find them to be one of the more puzzling and interesting makers, though I'm not willing to take the gamble anymore. They had a baffling perspective on pipe making. Just truly weird shapes, designs, and ways around flaws. I have to admit that it has sullied my opinion of Algerian briar. Maybe I shouldn't feel that way, because I don't have a lot of experience with it. I believe old Dunhills used to be made with Algerian briar, but I'd look to the Dunhillers for accurate information on that history. There must be something to Algerian, because there are true diehards for it. I just never experienced a good reason to get bit by that bug. I don't think I've ever heard of Roger's.
My Dad took me to an Edward's pipeshop in Jacksonville back in the 80s. Bought me a pipe from them, a bent dublin. Nearly the worst pipe I ever owned. Smoked hot and inconsistent. Kept it for a few years but hardly ever smoked it.
Old GBD's (firsts, seconds, and shop pipes) are pretty much exclusively Algerian briar. I own a slew of them from the '60's when I worked in a B&M pipe/tobacco shop. Bertram's pipes are all Algerian IIRC. Several of the Ropp series briars available on Smoking Pipes are NOS Algerian, many with horn stems. I can't say for sure that old Wilke's and/or Ehrlich's were made with Algerian or not. But due to the time-line, I'd wager they are. Algerian was abundant and easily procured during those days. Dunhill, BBB, Barling, Comoy, etc. all used Algerian for some or all of their pipes. I have several "no-name" briars all stamped "Imported Algerian Briar" or just "Algerian Briar."
I've never heard of "Rogers." FWIW, FTRPLT
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Thanks everyone, I found Rogers may have been made by Weber but the name shows up in other references not Weber. I found that Randy Wiley started making pipes at the Edwards factory in FL. My GBDs are not marked Algerian briar, but they are very good with one being likely from the 1960s. It is really light and smokes pretty cool. I may buy something with Algerian briar just to check it out.
Well I got my $5 pipe and it does have a stamp of algerian briar along with a company name that is in pipepedia. Vulcanite stem with a little bit narrow slot. Breaking it in with a virgin bowl of USA Prince Albert. It smoke quite well and so far cool. I'd buy another. Going to be a yard, bluff, woods, and fishing briar. Bowl 1.25 deep x .6 wide.


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I've been having such good smokes out of this little Algerian pipe that makes me think it just has to be the particular briar and of course a little of the carving. I ran across an essay by Dr. Frank Hanna about the myth of pipe brands, and it seems to conclude its mainly about the particular piece of briar. The essay can be found through a search, but it is hard to find a working link with it. Here is a thread with it embedded