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We've been gluten free for many years and finding substitutes was challenging. Bob's Red Mill's products are excellent and King Arthur has some good mixed. Brazilian Cheese Bread is made with naturally gluten free tapioca flour and quesso fresco cheese among other ingredients.
Ya, it's definitely a change. I used to hate baking because the gluten free recipes always turned out so bad, until I stopped using "gluten free" recipes and just substituted gf flour in regular ones. Those gluten free recipes always have to include some hippie-dippy things so you can make them vegan or something. I'll try that queso bread after these cinnamon rolls!
I don't bake anything and wifey only bakes cookies, her peanut butter ones are great. So anyone who has extras feel free to send them my way, lol. I do love bread but on my current diet I have to restrict my intake of bread. Soon as I lose another 10 pounds I can go back to eating more. BIG LOL.
Sincerely, good luck with that. I'm in a similar boat, without the wife.
I'll try that queso bread
Bob's Red Mill has a cheese bread recipe on the package that uses shredded chedar and is a good starting point. I did a search and found a recipe from a Brazilian/American that used the queso fresco and grated parm. I can ask my wife for the web address and post it if you'd like.
Thanks, Brother! That type of natural starter is called a levain, like sourdough starter, but not sour. A natural yeast always ends up comprised of the yeasts of that particular geography, so my starter would taste different than your starter if we made it the same way. I think that's cool. Also, you can add apple, raisin, honey, and fruit skins to sourdough starter during feeding for flavor.

My starter is about 5ish years old. It has made it from North Carolina to Ohio (for my mom), and it to California (for my niece), which means.. my sourdough is a coast to coast sensation lol. I keep a few drief packets of it around since my wife won't take care of it when I deploy and I don't want to start over, also to send to anyone who wants to try out sourdough baking.

Sourdough Babka and Raspberry Sorbet