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Feb 7, 2012
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Do we have an extensive list of b&m shops somewhere? My search doesn’t reveal too many. I am always looking for a stop to make on a road trip to break up the ride.

Iwan Ries in Chicago was my home store for a while and it is legendary.

I saw that Boswells has two locations. Is one better than the other? One is in Chambersburg PA the other is in Alexandria PA

Uhle’s in Milwaukee is going to be a stop for me sometime soon (hoping to catch a baseball game up there this summer).

Please feel free to list your favorites below. I will see if I can make a list and maybe even organize it by state or region if we get enough of them!
Ansteads in Fayetteville, NC is a really nice place. Briar and Bean in Clarksville, TN is one I used to visit when I lived there
Check for at the bottom page and find retailer directory by each state. Some have gone out of business esp. Covid.
in Mississippi, in Jackson, the Country Squire and in north mississippi Spring Street Cigars has 4 locations and a good mix of bulk and tins. The carry TCS greatest hits in bulk. and try the spring street mix made by TCS Spring Street mix. a very solid balkin.
Ciggerate City in Glascow DE, and Main street cigars in Bel air MD. Real tobacco stores, no head shops.
Pipe Dreams in Aiken, SC. Most of their customers deal in cigars, but the store does have a pretty good selection of tinned and bulk tobaccos. The staff is friendly and does their best to help one out. I buy my tobaccos there.