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Hi All - My name is Kurt, and I was a long-time friend of Rande's, from back in Wisconsin - we'd played in a band together in the mid '70's and kept a life-long friendship. We corresponded quite a lot in the last ~ 10 years, in large part around music and musical equipment, things for which he & I shared a real passion. I was very saddened to hear that Rande passed away. btw, I wasn't even aware that he was a pipe guy! Glad to know it, as I also was for quite a number of years (though not any longer). I'll miss Rande a lot; he was a special person to me. - Kurt
RIP Rande. You were one hell of a great guy here. And will be missEd.
I met him on Herfer's Paradise when he was still smoking cigars before he shifted over to pipes. He was one of the most patient mods I've ever seen (BoB is much better behaved than HP). We did a couple of trades and over the years he sent me three of CDs. I won the HP Lotto back when I used to live in TN and the prize was a sampling of his beers. I've yet to find a porter better than his Stream Train Porter.

Always kind and always curious, two traits we could always use more of. RIP.
I did several deals with Rande over the years. He always threw something extra in the box with a nice little note. Just an honest and generous guy. My condolences to his family. Rest In Peace.
I was lucky enough to meet Rande a couple of years ago at a cigar bar in the Phoenix area. He brought some pipe tobacco for me to try. It was a good visit and he will be missed around here.
Oh, what sad news indeed. Although I never knew the man personally, I felt I could always count on seeing a solid post of sincerity here on the board, whether about tobacco, movies, or books. To say he will be missed is just not saying enough.
I haven't logged in for a couple of weeks. This is horrible news. Rande was a great guy. May he rest in peace!
What a shame to just see this now. I liked Rande a lot and we exchanged pipes, tobaccos and fellowship over the years. We were both AZ boys. God bless him and condolences to his family.
I believe he goes back to the JRBB. Always helpful and responsive and informative. A gentleman.