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Nov 11, 2022
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Southern Oregon
Has anyone used Cigar Bid to buy pipe tobacco? They are selling an 8oz can of Seattle pipe club's Plum Pudding for as low as $24 right now (usually over $50 other places). Naturally they don't have a lot of pipe tobacco, but what they do have sells for ridiculously low prices and as we all know, anything too good to be true isn't.
I have read that they send stale cigars sometimes, but I haven't seen any reviews about buying pipe tobacco. So, if anyone has experience dealing with them, please let me know!

P.S. For those looking for the plum pudding it is under the "free-fall" category for the next 4 days where I have watched it go to as low as $24 after a few minutes.
I have used them a few times. I've never had any issues with the tobaccos I got from them, they were all sealed in tins. Haven't gotten cigars from them in quite a few years so don't really have any info on that. They've always shipped on time for me.
Hey Mosin - welcome aboard. It’s been a number of years, but I always had good products from C Bid. I think they’re one aspect of a larger vendor…like Cigars International? Something like that.
Thanks for the input everyone. I bid on something cheap to try it out and got some Borkum riff whiskey for $4/pouch! The tobacco is cheaper but it's definitely going to cost me more in the long run lol.