cracked shank repair techniques

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Zeno Marx

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Jun 26, 2010
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Has anyone ever tried pushing the needle of a fine syringe into a crack and squirting Elmer's into the crack, then clamping it? I'm thinking from the unseen part of the shank where it butts against the stem. Or pushing a sewing needle into the crack, like making a pilot hole, and then pumping Elmer's into the crack with a syringe?

My old camping pipe is a cripple (what my mentor called a damaged pipe) and has a horrid looking .925 band on it as a shank repair. I'm willing to experiment on it...unless this has been tried and doesn't work for beans. I've never liked metal bands on pipes, new or for repair.
Zeno, that would probably work but consider higher strength wood glues like tightbond or weldwood original wood glue. We used weldwood on a/c wooden spars in older a/c.and I have never seen one break. The wood would crack again before the bond gave out.
I've had great results in this situation with just putting a small amount of Elmer's,, on the cracked line. Then gently working it into the crack using either my finger, a tooth pick, or a fine piece of wire. Work in what you can, wipe off the excess before it dries, repeat process until you're satisfied the crack is full. I then gently clamp it down with a wood clamp; I've used a wooden clothes pin with great success (the pinch kind with the metal spring!). FTRPLT
I always use a rubberband when clamping round or oval shapes. The ones that used to come on broccoli are fantastic.

You aren't getting anything into this hairline crack with fingertip pressure.
I've always just followed the crack out where it ends and drilled a hole with my smallest drill bit in my drill bit index to stop the crack from travelling further. I have the smallest drill bit built up on the end with electrical tape so I can twist it back and forth to drill the hole. Before I super glue the crack I'll put petroleum jelly over the inside of the hole to keep it from running into the inside of the pipe. Here is a link for you to check out. repairing a cracked shank | rebornpipes Clean the crack out the best you can with a dental pick or a needle.