Do you remember your first pipe tobacco?

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Broken Pipe
Dec 18, 2007
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Mine was Model, simply because "Grandpa" next door smoked it and the aroma was wonderful. 17cents a pouch back then.

What a disappointment, it tasted bitter, and smelled nothing at all like "grandpa,s".

Second attempt was with the old Douwe Egberts Amphora and I fell in love with the pipe

Mike B
Captain Black - smelled nice but I knew nothing of letting tobacco dry out a bit!
Yup - CBW in a MM Cob, followed by Lane's 1-Q.

My dad smoked CBW for years, so it was a logical choice. At the B&M I went to for my first pipe, the owner suggested a MM Cob as a first pipe. Low investment, very good smokers, and very forgiving of a newbie's mistakes.
Captain Black White. Yeah, yuck! It wasn't until many years later that I discovered the Knox board that pipe smoking started going in the right direction for me.
Yup, sadly my first pipe tobacco experience was with Clan, which I ended up smoking for over 30 yrs, scary huh. :affraid: 
in my early 20's was at the local grocery store with the wife, was standing in line and in the impulse item section was a card with cobs on it, I snagged one ran back to the tobacco isle grabbed a pouch of captain black, went home jammed the pipe full of the CB and destroyed my mouth, pipe became a prop for a halloween costume, until about a year ago when I decided to give another go at it
I believe it was the God awful Mixture 79
It was back in 'Nam in '69 and my CO smoked Granger which he gave me and I staid with it when I got home for the next few years. Have moved on since then and tried some a few years back and AAAAAGH!!! :twisted:  :twisted: 

Prince Albert, and yes, it was in a can back when I was a young 13 years old. Bought a cob and that was only a test to see what it was all about. I actually enjoyed it but didn't get into serious pipe smoking until 3 years later when I discovered Amphora Brown which I still enjoy today.
Smoked my first pipe over 50 years ago. I'll never forget how excited I was. I stuffed a cheap Dr. Grabow with some Half&Half. I had always admired the room note and was eager to give it a try. It was awful. I blistered my tongue and nearly passed out from the nicotine but I thought I looked cool with a pipe stuck in my mouth so I stuck with pipe smoking for a number of years. I changed tobacco brands after about a week of torture. :roll: 

Mine was Lane 1Q that the local B&M called Gold Duke for some reason. Another B&M (now closed) opened my eyes up a year or so later to English blends (Frog Morton) and its was no turning back.
My father had tried giving up cigarettes by smoking a pipe several years before (he finally went with small cigars). So my first tries were with his old pipes and some dried up London Dock. Not a great expierence. The next year (and then the next 20), when off at college, I mostly smoked Captain Black.
I started out with an old clay pipe and 2 twists of tobacco from Crazy Crow Trading Post. I also kept a pouch of Bull Durham and rolling papers around for when I wanted a smoke when there were other people hanging around. Smoking a pipe would have gotten me beat up.

As I was getting "sold" on the whole notion of smoking pipes, my big worry was giving up the strength of a bold cigar for what I perceived to be a lighter, more bland affair. With that in mind, my tobacco pimp brought out some SG 1792 and put it in a Peterson for me to sample.

"Trust me," he said, "You'll love it."

I left with that pipe and pile of 1792, staggering to the car. The rest is history.
Uhles 255.

It was what my Pap smoked exclusively, and I figured if it was good enough for Pap it was good enough for me.

Always have some on hand for when I want to revisit. Not often, but when I do it's like going back in time.