Does anyone here keep a Bullet Journal?

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Reloaders usually do when they try a new powder or bullet brand/style so they can work up the most accutate load for a specific cartridge. If you're talking about shooters who keep a record of how many rounds through a particular gun, it's because some firearms enthusiasts are anal about changing springs or full breakdown cleaning after a certain number of rounds. Particularly those who favor 1911's.
Hey, I like your reply. :)

There's a format for a journal called a Bullet Journal because of the little bullet symbols on the left side of the page for certain items. I don't get why the people using it go to all the trouble.

The firearms enthusiast bullet journal would probably make a lot more sense to me than the one they talk about on Youtube. That shooter's bullet journal would serve a purpose I can understand.
I don’t know if it applies, but I keep a journal of sorts when I get a new muzzleloader. I am a traditional style shooter, so working on the correct formula of the load package is time consuming, but very rewarding once you get it dialed in. Sometimes it takes multiple days on the range to get it worked out, so keeping notes is important for me.
I had a feeling this would happen. :)

If anyone here keeps the type of Bullet Journal I'm talking about I'd appreciate if they would join in but in the mean time I don't mind at all the posts about the bullet journals on ammunition.
I do not keep either. But I'm a disorganized, follow-my-nose son of a gun.
I am a "post it" kind of guy. Use them for appointment reminders, grocery and to do lists. I do have some that are 3" x 3" in hot pink that would stand out on a white paper plate at 100 yds, if anybody needs any:unsure:
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I have been using a bullet journal for about 3 years with a fountain pen (not bullets) and love it as it keeps me much more organized! I used to write daily to do notes, but I would forget where I put them, ha ha!
I can see some positions where I work at a person could benefit from having something more. This is how I roll at work
Oh, I see. I don’t journal, or keep a schedule/ day planner. I do put reminders for things in my phone occasionally though. My bad, I didn’t understand what you meant. I just saw bullet and thought gun lol.
I know of someone who lives off the grid who charts their menstrual cycle, their diet, their daily goals, the lunar cycle, etc. As for their diet, it was rather complex because they were charting not only foods, but what time of day they ate said food, what moods that followed, and all kinds of details. They were also very detailed in their menstrual cycle as a means of birth control and related to the food charting, trying to hone in on how they felt psychologically each day. Rather than taking meds, this was the hopeful remedy. They noticed that anxiety, low energy , or melancholy, followed eating certain foods, and then experimented with changing their diet and charting those changes. It all sounds like rudimentary stuff, but as she lived off the grid and was self-employed, it was one way she could both spend time and be creative as well as take charge of her own health. Her journals were so popular, as she shared her design and findings on social media, that she might publish a bullet journal layout as another income. I'd never heard of one before her, and when seeing how many things she was charting, resulting in actual helpful results, I was impressed with it all. She was/is a bit obsessive, but proof is in the pudding. It wasn't a fruitless endeavor.
In a world that has a pill for every ailment and another for each side effect that follows, comparing food consumption to moods and pains can be a life saver!