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Feb 9, 2008
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If you use humidity beads in your humidor, check them at least once every couple of weeks. I was a bit lax and in a couple of my humidors, they dried out.
Yeah, I had a bad habit of checking when I thought of it and came close a couple times. Now I check them on Sunday morning religiously.
I had the beads at one time and got tired of buying the glycol so I am back to just using the distilled water and soak the container method. It seems to work fine in my 300 count humidor.

When I had the 100, 300, and 1500 count humidors each had a different system. After downsizing to just the 300 count I wanted to keep things basic.
I switched over to Bovida packs a few years ago to avoid this. :geek:
Yes it is a pain to monitor. I use the humi beads and the floral gels (sold at dollar tree) and fill them with distilled water and rehydrate every 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year. I have 15 igloodors for my cigars and this method works ok. But honestly, i should just use the bovedas bc i hate digging through my coolers to find the humibead containers, filling them and then placing them back in. But the bovedas are still a bit pricey so i dont!