Joe Lankford, RIP.

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Aug 31, 2012
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Joe Lankford, creator of the Seattle Pipe Club blends passed away this morning. Joe was a good friend of mine. We had many great phone calls, and I was privileged to interview him about his blends a few years back for another venue. Three months ago, Joe and I were chatting about pipes, and he told me about the time he quit smoking in the early 1970s. He sold all his pipes: patent Dunhills, patent Parkers, old Comoy's and Sasienis, etc. I asked him when did he go back to pipe smoking, and he replied "A couple of months later. I had start all over again." In the following years, Joe amassed an amazing collection of artisan pipes, e.g. Ivarssons, 32 Chonowitschs, etc. I told him about my collection, and casually mentioned I was smoking a Sasieni Canadian. Joe said he used to have one, and that if I ever wanted to get rid of mine, he'd love to have it. That spurred me on to get him one, which I did as a surprise gift. Joe was very happy! I was happy that it was a favorite pipe of his for the last part of his smoking life. This is my Sasieni Canadian. The one I got Joe was the same color with a slightly bigger bowl and was an inch longer. During my last phone call with Joe, we spent the time smoking our Sasienis. That was a lot of fun. RIP, Joe.
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That is sad news indeed Jim. Joe sounds like a lovely man from what I've heard of him and he was a great blender too, Plum Pudding is one of my favourite tobaccos and the special reserve version is just out of this world.

I'll crack a tin of it tomorrow to celebrate Joe's life.

Vale Joe.