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Oct 19, 2015
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14 ounces, look upon it! Found it in a bin at the antique store and planning to pop it at Muletown Pipe Show '24!

Do any Brothers have experience with it?
Well I opened it, couldn't wait. The tin was swollen like a football and when I opened it it let out a 3 second psssssst. There was no damage to the seal despite the puffed out top and bottom. Perfect product, exactly like my old tins of Rattrays. They are always dry on top and when you dig down an inch they are moist (gravity?). Delicious VaBur, very sweet with no topping. Little bits of broken flake with ribbon.

An all day smoke, Jim 😁
Your well wishes worked, HRP!
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Yum, enjoy your smoke.

From what I could see in the pic the tin looked fine, rust is your main concern.

Next time give it a shake to see how it sounds. If it sounds nice and heavy it's still sealed, if if sounds light and rattley, it's been compromised and should be opened and examined ASAP.

Had a tin of McClellends from 1979 which changed sounds after a few months of purchase which was opened as soon as it changed, managing to save the contents. I couldn't see the rust as it was on a brown part of the packaging.
Yes! Edgeworth has been one of my favorites from early on. Since production has ceased, I smoke Sutliff Ready-Rubbed match. If you like burley, you should like this.
I would but I have 3 -14oz vacuum tins of ERR, one opened, the other 2 sealed which I laid down in 2014. And on top of that I have 8 ozs of the 60s vintage.