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Feb 9, 2008
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For at least 10 years, I've had a small spot of psoriasis on my left calf. It's about the size of a quarter. I rarely even notice it's there, as it almost disappears in the summer, when exposed to the sun. But in the dry air of the winter and at night, it can be unbelievably painful and burning. Most psoriasis lotions and creams contain salicylic acid, which, on me, exacerbates the problem. It was recommended by a friend, with a similar seasonal skin issue, to just get a 10% lidocaine spray to numb the discomfort prior to using a psoriasis lotion. I looked all over the internet for 10% lidocaine, but learned that for 10% you need an M.D.'s prescription. I asked my friend if what he uses is prescribed or he found an OTC. He said he uses this from Amazon which is 9.6% lidocaine. We'll see. I ordered it; should arrive tomorrow.
Amazon reviews are highly suspect. I'm sure you've read articles about how they're bought and sold. The reviews, that is. And then you get into this supplement and over the counter medicine world...and you can't trust most of the contents on the label the majority of the time. Worse than the adulteration of olive oil. Feel for you, and anyone hoping there is another avenue than going to their doctor, getting a prescription, and hoping for the best at absurd prices. Has to be traveling groups going to both Mexico and Canada to get the official, real deals that aren't over-regulated to funnel money into the health care system.
I saw a dermatologist on the first outbreak. He said the side effects are too great for me to try the new injectable treatments. It's just a small spot and hasn't grown. As I noted the salves all seem to exacerbate the problem. At night I just want the pain to end so I can sleep.
Last week I had a physical exam with a new physician. She saw the spot on my leg and had me schedule a biopsy, which I had today. I expected topical lidocaine and a scraping, but the doctor insisted on injectable lidocaine. I thought that was overkill until she was sewing up the area. Apparently, she used a sizeable punch cutter and I bled far more than she expected. It's bandaged over the stitches and a bit sore. I'm scheduled to return next week to have the stitches removed, unless I can induce one of my daughters to remove them.
I am ready to garrote the dermatologist I saw earlier and every fu**ing V.A. doctor who performed my annual physical for the past several years and told me it was simple non-specific dermatitis. The doctor I saw last week that ordered yesterday's biopsy called me this morning. It's skin cancer. On February 2, I see a dermalogical surgeon. Hopefully, the cancer hasn't penetrated too deeply.

My daughter said she is not only furious over my lack of prior diagnosis, but for all the other veterans, many who don't have other medical insurance and rely on V.A. Health exclusively.
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Last week I had a physical exam with a new physician. She saw the spot on my leg and had me schedule a biopsy, which I had today.
The female MD I saw last week at a private Allina Clinic was Army Active Duty from 2019-2021 stationed at the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center,Fort Hood, TX and in the Army Reserves from 2003 to 2016.
Unlike the doctors at the V.A., when I noted that I'd dealt with skin disorders previously, as a result of Agent Orange exposure, she commented that "We're not taking any chances with this spot, no guesses. I'm going to biopsy the area."

When I'm somewhat more calm over the initial cancer diagnosis, I'll write a letter to the current director of the MN V.A. Medical Center, CCed to both of MN's Senators and my district's Congressional Representative. It's not just about me, but all the other veterans who aren't diagnosed and treated appropriately.
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Was notified this morning that the dermatologist who was slated to operate saw the biopsy and description of the surrounding area and has deferred to a different surgeon with more experience dealing with skin cancer. Unfortunately, that surgeon is booked until April 4th. He is the expert in the Allina system or I'd attempt to find another surgeon.
Little scary...The referring surgeon saw my biopsy and moved my surgery from April 4th to this coming Monday at 7:45 am.
Go with half full. Better now than later. It will stop being a nagging problem and finally get resolved. Fin.
Saturday morning. I just got a phone call from the clinic where I'm scheduled for the surgery.
Confirming the time.
Coincidence that the woman from the clinic who phoned said she'd undergone similar skin cancer surgery and that while it was successful, to be prepared for considerable discomfort after the anesthetic wears off. Whoopee. I appreciate the honesty.