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I really enjoy the breakfast style Impossible Sausage.
One has a hard time telling it apart from pork sausage. Cheers, Cheers RR
I bought Morningstar Farms breakfast sausage for years. Impossible Sausage is much better. For spaghetti, I make the meatballs from a mixture of one package Impossible Burger with one package Impossible Sausage Savory with some finely ground Italian seasoning mixed in. It's best to make the mixture a day before making the meatballs so the Italian seasoning has time to infuse into the mixture.

Impossible Pork is soon to be in the marketplace. Apparently, it is so indistinguishable from pork, both in look and taste that Muslim and Jewish authorities will not certify it as halal and kosher even though it's clear that the product is 100% vegan.
Today I found out that Target has a sale on Impossible Sausage, both varieties, spicy and savory, $3.50 for 14 oz. chub.

So, before the sale ends, I bought 10 chubs of sausage and 10 pkgs of burger. Tonight, I put one of the chubs in my food processor and processed it until smooth. Then, with wet hands, shaped the processed veg-sausage into a cylinder and wrapped it in commercial oven useable plastic wrap, then wrapped it in foil. It went into the oven at 250 degrees for two hours. It's cooling, but will go into the fridge shortly. I want to see if I can make tasty vegetarian, gluten free bologna.
What happened to RSteve? Hope he is doing well.

I had my first Beyond Burger last night. A couple of eyedroppers of olive oil and a slow skillet cooking, as I didn't realize they recommend thawing first. Thawing is not necessary, as I quickly learned. I liked it quite a bit.
We’ve had RSteve on our watch list for some time now.

If anyone out there has a way to connect or has any information as to his current status we’d really appreciate knowing.
I would rather stick an ice pick in my ear than eat one of those fake burgers. My favorite cousin has been a vegetarian for over 30 years. Every time she comes over I tell her I have some bacon she should eat. She just laughs at me and I always bust her balls about it. We always have a good laugh.