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I have been on a Bob Dylan kick lately, and I've been stuck on the album "slow train coming". It was his first release after becoming a born-again Christian (1979). It's a perfect mix of late-70's Dylan and early gospel songs people like Johnny Cash and a lot of country singers did in the 40's-50's. My family was never religious growing up and I'm still not today. But the passion in Bob's voice on this album is skin tingling regardless of your belief, especially on tracks like "precious angel" and "got to serve somebody"

That is if you are already a Bob Dylan fan to begin with lol, he's been my favorite musician since I was 13. My wife can't stand his voice though which makes long road trips difficult... But that's my cross to bear because I didn't ask her about it sooner in the courting process!
"Tangled up and Blue" and some of his more recent fare as he never ceases to reinvent.
A bit of Steve Miller Greatests

I tinkered away for a few hours on my .22lr littler badger build today and was in the mood for a bit of country music while I poked about.
I am not necessarily a fan of country but love any music that makes me feel good.
Put on some Slim Dusty and Ted Eagan. They are great story tellers, folk singers, and write songs about real people and history love em.
I just put a couple of songs below but I listened to youtube playlists of em on youtube hope you enjoy.

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I'm a rock and roll guy all the way, but can appreciate good music! I'm not above enjoying some Chet Atkins or Les Paul with wife Mary. Check out the Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler album ,more then a few years back , awesome! But give me Jeff Beck every time! Live @ Ronnie Scotts with your country men Tal Wilkenfeld, she's phenomenal!!!